Friday, November 28, 2008

Studying Schedule Comparison: Planned vs. Real Life

At our college, we got a whole week off from school because of professional development and Thanksgiving holiday. I had written a study schedule out that looked similar to this:

Monday: Outline Chapter 32, make flash cards Read Ch. 5

Tuesday: Outline Chapter 7, Read Ch. 9

Wednesday: Read Ch. 567 and outline everything

You get the idea. Lots of outline, highlighting, flash cards, post its, pens, pencils, coffee, red bull, motivation, life goals, small miracle from God, responsibility....blah, blah, blah.

This is what my schedule has ended up like:

Monday: Wake up at 11. Drink some coffee. Look at books on desk. Play solitaire till 5. Complain about having no time to do anything.

Tuesday: Wake up at 10:30. Skip the coffee. Pretend to be doing work while actually reading every blog I can find. Hey! Learning about what there is to do in Italy during the winter could somehow be relevant!

Wednesday: Call Nursing School friend. Complain about how they give us so much work and there is just no time to do all of it.

Let me explain something right here. I have no job. I have a significant other that makes just enough for us to be able to let me go to school full time and not worry about working right now. I have all the time in the world do whatever I need to get done. This woman I was talking too? She has five kids, a husband that's a police officer and works odd hours and she is a scrub tech full time at the hospital. Does anyone see the discrepancy here?

So. Now it's Friday. I have two exams Monday. What am I doing? Blogging to you people. What could I have done ALL day yesterday instead of gorging myself on large quantities of dead bird and canned cranberry dressing and pie and cake and bread dressing and deviled eggs and soda and green bean casserole and and and and...HOW ABOUT STUDY? See, now I'm yelling. I need to get a grip.

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