Sunday, January 25, 2009

It's been a while!

So, our class has survived the first test of the semester! I came away with a smooth 94, and everyone else seemed to come away seemingly well. It seemingly was an effortless test. Seemingly.

Our clinical class was discussing various clinical skills that we have learned since the beginning of nursing school last year. Someone brought up the subject of enemas. That someone is someone in our class that is older and they wear glasses. When we "check off" on things, or basically prove to the instructor that we can do the task, we use dummies and models. We wouldn't want to descend upon the unsuspecting public without practicing on a fake arm, leg, chest or throat first. I digress though, back to the enemas. This woman that is old enough to be my mother, looking particularly thoughtful, carefully raised her hand. She slowly slid those glasses down her nose, looked over the frames at our instructor (Who was doing a very good job at keeping her composure considering she was talking about putting a liter of water in someone's butt), and with the most serious face asked, "Are we going to have a practice hole?"

Round of golf, anyone?

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Back in the Saddle

Soooooo....NOT relevant to the new year, I have been working out again and going to the gym. My friend has been helping me with weights, and I have been doing cardio on my own time. Let me tell you something: A fat ass on a diet is NOT someone to piss off. I have cut out anything fried, everything liquid except lots of water and some skim milk and I have cut down on my bread consumption. What does this mean? Living in the south? I can't eat anything. Everyone I know cooks beans, but they put a hunk of pork fat and a pound of butter. Chicken? Fried. Collard Greens? Butter. Pork fat. Pinto Beans? salt. fat. butter. You get the idea. In my humble opinion, if I am going to be a nurse, I have to be somewhat healthy. How am I going to tell someone that is 300 pounds with a heart problem that they have to control their eating, salt consumption, and exercise, if my fat tail is waddling in their room like a Thanksgiving turkey?

Also another thing that I really don't understand is nurses and doctors that smoke. I know your job is stressful, I know you have a lot going on, but you certainly aren't going to get any of it done while you are outside smoking. When my boyfriend's mother was in the hospital recently, she had a nurse that smelled like an ashtray. It was so gross. One week into nursing school, I laid cigarette smoking down after two years and never picked it back up again. I can't even be around smoke anymore. ugh.

Okay. This post has turned into a health/rant seminar. I think I am done for now. I just have to keep telling myself: Step away from the fries, put down the hamburger. Step away from the fries, put down the hamburger.

One last note: For visual reference, this is what smoking does to your lungs. I think you can tell the difference between the two. Think about it, and take a deep breath.