Thursday, January 1, 2009

Back in the Saddle

Soooooo....NOT relevant to the new year, I have been working out again and going to the gym. My friend has been helping me with weights, and I have been doing cardio on my own time. Let me tell you something: A fat ass on a diet is NOT someone to piss off. I have cut out anything fried, everything liquid except lots of water and some skim milk and I have cut down on my bread consumption. What does this mean? Living in the south? I can't eat anything. Everyone I know cooks beans, but they put a hunk of pork fat and a pound of butter. Chicken? Fried. Collard Greens? Butter. Pork fat. Pinto Beans? salt. fat. butter. You get the idea. In my humble opinion, if I am going to be a nurse, I have to be somewhat healthy. How am I going to tell someone that is 300 pounds with a heart problem that they have to control their eating, salt consumption, and exercise, if my fat tail is waddling in their room like a Thanksgiving turkey?

Also another thing that I really don't understand is nurses and doctors that smoke. I know your job is stressful, I know you have a lot going on, but you certainly aren't going to get any of it done while you are outside smoking. When my boyfriend's mother was in the hospital recently, she had a nurse that smelled like an ashtray. It was so gross. One week into nursing school, I laid cigarette smoking down after two years and never picked it back up again. I can't even be around smoke anymore. ugh.

Okay. This post has turned into a health/rant seminar. I think I am done for now. I just have to keep telling myself: Step away from the fries, put down the hamburger. Step away from the fries, put down the hamburger.

One last note: For visual reference, this is what smoking does to your lungs. I think you can tell the difference between the two. Think about it, and take a deep breath.


Anonymous said...

I LOVED that entry! I live in the South too (East TN) and I know exactly where you are coming from regarding the cooking and food thing. Lol! I too need to lose some weight - about 15 lbs in order to just feel better. I'm not overweight, but I am heaver than I was 10 years ago and I want to get back to the way I was.

Oh, and I t-totally agree about the smoking thing too. Yuck! If you's smoking in my house you'd better be on fire - lol!

Outstanding Stranger said...

Yah but the guy with the healthy lungs is dead too.....teehee.

Kaylee Ray said...

I'm starting NS sometime in the spring or fall of '10, but i would LOVE to have stopped smoking by then. Everyone is like "Go on the patch." I'm like "NO!!" To me, that's the worst way to do it!

I plan on quitting cold turkey. My lungs will thank me.