Monday, February 16, 2009

First Stick

Yay! Thursday at clinicals, I got to do my first IV stick! This was the one nursing skill that I was nervous about and now I know I can do it. Put it right in, no problems whats-so-ever. The guy was slightly senile, so I am not sure if I caused excess discomfort or anything, but my instructor said that I did an excellent job. A+ and a cookie for me!


Anonymous said...

Your Cousin Ken is so proud of you. Even more proud that the whole enema lesson didnt have you running to the nearest emergency exit never to be seen again. Just remember when giving an enema... Stand to the side and hold your breath. OH YEA, and dont forget the gloves. :-) Love your cousin Ken

Maha said...

Good job! I was shaking in my little white shoes when I did my first IV. I blew the vein. And then the next one too! Keep up the good work :)