Saturday, November 29, 2008

Vintage Nurse Prints

My cats and I were looking at things on the internet and generally ignoring the pile of work that I have to do, and I found some images that I thought were neat. I am glad that the nurse's uniform has evolved since Florence Nightingale's times.

I know several of you do Art Journal Pages like my mother (from here on out known as Woman That Kind of Knows Everything) and I just thought these images were neat.


Suzan Buckner said...

Cool!! I have been trying to find some nurse pics!! I love you!!(your mother)

ute said...

hi Kimberly,
I am a german nurse and a link in your mothers blog let me find you :-)
here the nurses 1980 have such funny sister hoods ;-))
it is interesting to read about your work,
all good wishes from Germany and big hugs ute